MC Maju Cold Storage Sdn Bhd

MC Maju Cold Storage Sdn Bhd started out as “Supermarket Seria” in 1992. Our name was changed in 1995, as it became a limited liability company. The company’s secretary is Ernst and Young.

MC Maju Cold Storage Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned Bruneian company, dealing only with food that meets Brunei Darussalam’s Halal Requirements.

We distribute a wide range of frozen, chilled and ambient halal food products. We purchase locally whenever we can, and import items that are not available locally. We also provide value added services which are tailored for customers e.g. for bakeries and offshore caterers.

Our varieties of raw and processed foods are listed below:

  • Chilled and Frozen Halal meat (beef, lamb, mutton, chicken, turkey)
    • Live and Chilled seafood (oysters, mussels and salmon)
    • Frozen seafood and marine products (Oysters, Salmon, Lobster, Tenggiri etc)
    • Frozen vegetables and potatoes
    • Processed products such as fish balls, crab stick
    • Wide range of dairy products (Whipping cream, Milk, Butter, mascarpone etc)
    • Food solutions for chefs

We are also open to discussion on customer's specific needs.

Our Strengths:

  • We pride ourselves to be a “One-Stop-Shop” for catering industries, being able to source to fulfill customer’s specific needs if required.
  • Our value added services such as:
    • We provide meat/fish cutting services, with packing for specific environments (such as offshore).
    • We often have chefs from MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia) and Unilever (for sauces, dressing and seasoning) to discuss/propose new menu items, and to demonstrate new recipes.
    • We are willing to expand our product range to meet customer’s requirements

Our Customers

We serve customers throughout Brunei Darussalam. Our customers are mainly from the food service companies, both onshore and offshore. We also supply to the retail market through supermarkets and department stores. In total we have 12 agencies

Hotels & Clubs


On/Offshore catering

45 locations



Coffee Shops & Restaurants




Our credit terms are: 30 to 60 days